How games will change the world… perhaps

A link to this interesting article on the BBC was sent to me today (thanks, Emma). It raises some interesting points on the ways in which gaming is perceived and how it could be (should be?) integrated into a work environment. The article highlights some very real concerns involving the potential of games to exploit […]

Second life in real life

Thanks to Lawrie for pointing out this video to me, to add into my first ever keynote talk (and for doing an excellent job of calming me down beforehand). I think this is a great way of highlighting some of the potential navigation and usability problems for students in virtual worlds, which often get overlooked. […]

Oi! Centaur, no!

Okay, this isn’t directly related to games and education, but it made me laugh. When I’m travelling I like to take photos of funny street signs, and was quite pleased with my Cuba haul, but managed to be well and truly trumped by this photo taken by Kate Dalgleish, who we met on our final […]

Time for some inspiration

This is the first of several postings that have been sitting in my drafts folder from before I went on holiday… It’s been a mad couple of weeks, with very little time to sit down between meetings, never mind think about blog postings. However, I had the fortune to be travelling from Birmingham to Manchester […]

Embracing web 2.0

Last week I attended an e-learning symposium at De Montfort University, focusing on the use of web 2.0 technologies. I was very impressed with the level of staff enthusiasm and innovation and the way in which new technologies are being used creatively by staff throughout the university. It is very refreshing to see an institutional […]

Running away with myself

I’ve just got back from my final training run before the Great Manchester Run on Sunday, which inspired me to write this post. Never a great fan of exercise, I started running in the New Year and am amazed to have finally found an activity that I not only enjoy but actually look forward to. […]

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