And it isn’t even a game

With an urgent and barely-started article due by the end of the day, it was never going to be an easy afternoon. Time to catch up on my blog reader then.

Twenty minutes were already happily displaced when I came across (thanks Adrian) and before I knew it another hour had passed. Just what is it about this little test that makes it so addictive? For me, I think it hinges on three things:

  1. knowing how well someone else scored, and that score being hard to achieve – but possibly within reach – means that the competitive devil in me won’t let it lie;
  2. it’s easy to make really fast improvements in speed (albeit at the expense of accuracy – but you can’t have everything);
  3. it is very short to play (1-3 minutes) so it’s really easy to think “I’ll just have one more go”, then another, then another… “oh where did that hour go?”

Think I probably need to do some more in-depth analysis on this site before I get back to my article.

It would be hard to write a blog post about typing games without giving a mention to TyperShark – this is still one of my favourite web games ever.


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  2. Emma

    Damn you! Typing test is addictive! I am only around the 60wpm area, but really get stuck on commas! I have become overly used to the auto correct functions on my programmes, I tend to type then add all the grammar and correct the errors at the end!

    Typershark is much more fun. I used to play that when I was in the Braille Library stacks, down at the bottom in the dark!

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