Assessing the educational value of games

This article, published recently, provides a detailed and comprehensive method for evaluating the educational value of computer games. The authors propose 74 indices on which educational value could be measured, broken down into seven categories of educational value:

  • mentality change
  • emotional fulfilment
  • knowledge enhancement
  • thinking skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • thinking ability
  • bodily co-ordination.

While 74 indices might be a bit unpractical and overly cumbersome, the framework presented is a useful way of conceptualising the different types of knowledge, skills and values that computer games can teach. The authors also provide an questionnaire tool and example of use in practice, which helps to show the potential application of the instrument.

 Hong, J-C., Cheng, C-L., Hwang, M-Y., Lee, C-K. & Chang, H-Y. (2009) Assessing the educational values of digital games. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 25/5, 423-437.

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