Criticism please?

I was sorry to have missed being able to attend GamesBasedLearning 2010 in London last week, but found I was able to follow it surprisingly well via twitter. Alex Moseley has a good write-up of the event.

Paul Hollins presented our joint paper, Ten things educators might learn from the games industry, and from what I hear it went down very well (poor quality Wii-related jokes aside). We now intend to write this up as a full journal paper and were hoping to be able to use the audience criticism on the day to develop the lines of argument further – the only problem is that there wasn’t very much of it. So if anyone would like to read the paper – with as critical an eye as possible, be harsh, please (I may regret saying that) – and give us some feedback (either as comments or to me directly) it would be very much appreciated.

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