Fishing at the gym

I’ve just got back from a lunchtime gym session (a bit sad, I know, but I am in serious training to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress) and was delighted to find an option on the rowing machine called ‘The Fish Game‘. In this game you have to use your rowing pace to move your fish up and down and get points by eating littler fish and avoiding scary sharks. While, in principle, this is a great idea for adding motivation to what is otherwise a pretty tedious activity, there is a subtle flaw in this game – after a couple of minutes I worked out that the best strategy for avoiding sharks and catching fish was to mooch around at bottom, using little (or no) effort at rowing.

Point scoring – high; chances of actually being able to do my dress up before the wedding – low.

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  1. Juliette Culver

    Ah, gosh, I’ve just got back from the gym where I overheard two people about to go on the rowing machine discussing a ‘fish game’ and wondered what they were talking about. Now I know :)

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