Games for girls

A big thank you to Jane and Ade for my top birthday gift of the Battleshops game. It’s just like battleships but made acceptable for the tender female mind by basing it around a theme of shopping rather than blowing up ships. Oh and it’s pink, natch. This made me think about how easy it would be to modify the traditional ‘boys’ computer games around themes that we girls like, such as shopping, shoes, or ponies. World of Needlecraft anyone?


  1. Ade

    Nice One. Yer most welcome. The girly Jane chose it of course so I won’t take the credit.

  2. Ade
  3. Jane

    So instead of games where nasty brutish warriors go round killing people we can have handbags at dawn! Or maybe games of negotiation and diplomacy – underneath their aggressive exterior some of these monsters should surely harbour a caring side…?

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