Games on a budget

It’s some way off yet, but this year’s European Conference on Game-Based Learning will be hosted in Athens on 20-21 October. As well as the general call for papers, there are a number of mini-tracks, including one chaired by myself and Alex Moseley.

The call says:

Across the world, education is being hit hard by funding and quality crises, with increasing pressure to increase student achievement with decreasing resources. The feasibility of game-based learning can be limited by the cost of design, development or purchase. We welcome papers to this stream which focus on case studies and theoretical proposals for game-based methods which will be cheap and effective enough to be persuasive choices in this environment.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The development of games cheaply (including simple games, non/low-digital games, alternative reality games, simple/mixed media etc.
  • Using game-based techniques in traditional teaching
  • Theories and methods for efficient design and integration of games into the curriculum
  • Case studies of successful, efficient and economical game-based learning
  • Examples of low-cost technological solutions for game development

More details are available in the full mini-track call (pdf).

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