It’s the end of term – time to play games

This week I have mostly been playing a business simulation called simCEO. I’ve used a couple of other simulations of this type in the past and at first glance it’s pretty typical: students create a company, complete various activities associated with the development of the company, and manage a portfolio of shares.

Where this game differs is in it’s flexibility, where teachers can  use the software in a variety of different ways and settings by adapting the environment and rules, so that students can create companies as individuals or groups, or work for other companies, or simply make money trading on the stock market. I also like the way that the game is explicitly linked to pedagogy and assessment, providing classroom extension activities and activity sheets to link specific curriculum areas to game play, and through the use of customizable assignments linked to game activities.

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  1. Katie Piatt

    Looks good – have passed this on to our Business School people.

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