La integración de los juegos digitales en la educación superior

I have just got back from a conference at the European University Miguel de Cervantes, where I was doing a talk on Games and Simulations for Learning (just for a change). I was looked after amazingly well and was treated to a long and sumptuous lunch before my talk (with wine – I’m not entirely sure this is a good idea). If your Spanish is up to it, there’s a description of the day, with a charming photo of me.

I was also given a tour of the university and was very impressed with the facilities (although I was a little bemused at why I was being shown a ‘television set’ until I realised that it was a fully kitted out recording studio and set). What also impressed me very much is that the university management offices are on the same corridor as classrooms, accessible to students, and welcoming. Definitely something to learn there.

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