Let me tell you a story

I was down in London yesterday for the final meeting of the Pathfinder projects. After two hours of being talked at in the morning I was beginning to think it was all a bit of a waste of time, but fortunately the afternoon changed my mind. This was the chance for some of the projects to talk about what they had achieved in more detail, and was really inspiring.

I was particularly impressed by the work that has been going on at Gloucestershire University on digital storytelling. This looks like a fantastic way of supporting students to get their ideas across in an engaging and effective manner. There’s a great set of resources on storytelling on their site too.


  1. Richard Hall

    You are right about digital storytelling – it is so powerful and emotional. But how do we convince academics that it’s ok to cry?

    You are also right about being talked at for 2.5 hours. Whether it is 1 person or 12 doing he jibber-jabber it is still tortuous.

  2. nicola (Post author)

    Hold on… I never said anything about crying ;o)

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