I was down in London last week, with my colleague Cathy Lewin, to present the interim findings of another project I’m involved in. The Models of Innovation in Learning Online (MILO) project is looking at the different ways in which online learning is being used in schools and colleges (Key Stage 3 and 14-19). Grainne Conole wrote a nice blog post about the event.

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  1. Grainne Conole

    Hi Nicola

    I was thinking more about the way with MILO you represent a number of characteristics in 2-D which then enables you to map different types of situations giving quick nice visual representations which highlight the differences between them. I began thinking about how a similar approach might work with some of the stuff i am doing trying to map tool/pedagogy use. In the past I have used a three-D representation with 3 bipolar dimensions (indv-social, passive-active, information-experience) which is fine unless you want to add in more dimensions to consider!!!


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