Time for some inspiration

This is the first of several postings that have been sitting in my drafts folder from before I went on holiday…

It’s been a mad couple of weeks, with very little time to sit down between meetings, never mind think about blog postings. However, I had the fortune to be travelling from Birmingham to Manchester earlier this week in the company of Andy Black – if you’re ever looking for some inspiration or cool tools, he’s the man to talk to.

Three of the gadgets that he pointed out to me are:

  • Scrapbook – a FireFox extension for managing collections of web links, which lets you download whole web pages (including links) and view them offline.
  • ScribeFire – another Firefox extension, this time an integrated blog editor.
  • Google spreadsheets have a new sharing option so that you can simply create a web form that is linked directly to the online spreadsheet.

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