Traces of hope

This seems like a very apt title given that I’ve been unable to post for the past couple of weeks because of problems with my ISP – but that suddenly seems to be miraculuously fixed. Hurrah.

I got an email recently from Alex Hazel, one of the creators of a new charity alternate reality game. He says:

Traces of Hope” is being launched as the first ever charity online ARG and is being built by the British Red Cross to coincide with its Civilians and Conflict month. The game features Joseph a sixteen-years-old caught up in the Ugandan civil war, separated from his family, hungry and alone in a camp overflowing with thousands forced to flee, Joseph is desperately seeking his mother. But he needs your help…

Sadly a week too late to be the first charity ARG, but looks interesting. You can see what the BBC has to say about it here.

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